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A Painting a Day - Visual Haiku

This group of paintings are daily painting. They are visual haiku - short/quick memories that are captured usually on site. This genre of painting is called plein air and requires that the artist paint quickly before light changes - usually a 2 hr window. The artist is challenged to not only create a workable painting in a short time but must deal with weather, bugs and other challenges in order to be successful. Visual haiku are special, insightful, and spontaneous in nature.
All My Relations

Our animal brothers have something to teach us about ourselves as the Native peoples believed. Each specific being has a gift that is unique to them as each of us do.
Art books and illustration

Books written or illustrated by Barbara Berry

Landscapes and nature themes.

Paintings done on commission with a specific theme
Diptichs & Triptichs

A diptich or a triptich is an original work done on two or three support. These are a unique way of viewing a scene or subject.
Giclee prints on demand

Giclee prints that are available or may be ordered on canvas or on paper to the following sizes:16x20, 18x24, 20x30, 24x32, 30x40 or 16x36. Canvas prints come without frame but are on gallery wrapped canvas ready to hang.
High Desert Dialogues

High desert, prairie, grassland, agricultural themes

Vast panoramas give one the feeling of limitless space and beauty. They speak of the vastness of the Earth
Pet portraits

Ever since I was a small girl, I have done portraits of others pets, particularly those who have crossed over
Portals and Ancient Walls

Old buildings, doorways and ancient objects which have aquired their own persona through aging. They speak to us about how each of us can grow more "beautiful" and "individually powerful" with age.
Raven Wing Graphics

Wall murals, event posters, special artistic wall finishes,
Recent Works

2012 was a banner year for artwork for me. I did many commissions & pet portraits as well as experimenting with new techniques
River Currents

Water and river themes
Saltillo tile painting

Saltillo tiles are hand crafted Mexican tiles that often have imperfection such as animal prints, color variations and chips. These are considered desirable. I have teamed these with black iron easel and they make wonderful desk art.
Sculpture & 3 dimensional work

Sculpture is a wonderful challenge to any artist. The artist must be able to "see" the subject from many different angles and work with light and composition in a new way that is different from two dimensional work.
Shoe Diaries

The metaphor of shoes for relationship issues is irresistable to me. It speaks to the heart of relationships with humor
Southwest and desert dreams

The Southwest is a magical place and takes special skills to live in. Light there is different than in other places and it truly is the Land of Enchantment

In art capturing the essence of a subject IS the true ART. People enthrall me. Each person portrays a FACE to the world, yet often the true person lies just under the surface. It is this true self I seek to capture.
Tuscan Interlude

Images of light and magic of Tuscany
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